Guitars, amps & fx

   My guitar: the Marc Canelles "Telejazzter" model
designed by myself and built by the catalan luthier DHR custom guitars in 2019

   Other Guitars:
Gibson ES-137
Fender Stratocaster (1979, w. hardtail bridge)
Yamaha Mike Stern - telecaster
Alhambra 7p - classical
Gibson J-45 - acoustic

Fender Precision lite (Japan 1985-86)

Fender Bandmaster reverb (1970)
Fender Princeton reverb reissue (w. Weber speaker)
Fender Deluxe reverb Tone Master
Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber (1980's)
Polytone Minibrute IV (1990's)
Roland Cube 30 bass
AER compact 60

Atomic AmpliFire amp modeler
TC Electronic NovaSystem effects processor
Fulltone Ultimate Octave fuzz 
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
Boss DS1 distortion (w. Robert Keeley mod.)
Carl Martin Hot Drive&Boost mk2
Strymon BlueSky reverb
Boss DD3 digital delay 
Ernie Ball volume pedal 
HBE Medicine Bawl wha-wha 
Digitech Whammy II
Loop Station Boss RC2XL