Guitars, amps & fx

   My main guitar: the "Telejazzter" model
designed by myself and built by the catalan luthier DHR custom guitars in 2019

   More Guitars:
Gibson ES-137
Fender Stratocaster (1979, w. hardtail bridge)
Yamaha Mike Stern - telecaster
Alhambra 7p - classical
Gibson J-45 - acoustic

Fender Precision lite (Japan 1985-86)

Fender Bandmaster reverb (1970)
Fender Princeton reverb reissue (w. Weber speaker)
Fender Deluxe reverb Tone Master
Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber (1980's)
Polytone Minibrute IV (1990's) - I use it for bass or guitar
AER compact 60 - for acoustic guitar
   Amp modeler:
Atomic AmpliFire
Slide, E-bow, ...
A handful of pedals
Maxon OD808
Fulltone Ultimate Octave fuzz 
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
Boss DS1 distortion (w. Robert Keeley mod.)
Carl Martin Hot Drive&Boost mk2
Strymon BlueSky reverb
Boss DD3 digital delay (made in Japan)
Ernie Ball volume pedal 
HBE Medicine Bawl wha-wha 
Digitech Whammy II
Loop Station Boss RC2XL